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PadSplit’s mission is to solve the affordable housing crisis one room at a time. We use housing as a vehicle to create holistic affordability and financial independence for the millions of Americans most in need. This is a series on the people we serve.

Sometimes, the corporate train turns into a rollercoaster. And sometimes, what you need is a little less risk. 

That's Andriea’s story. 

Andriea was born in the Atlanta hustle, with a tomboy’s spirit, fishing and fixing cars while learning basic survival skills. She attended Westlake High School while Cam Newton was playing there. 

Newton went to Auburn. Andriea  went to trade school for CompTIA A+ and Cisco software and computer services. Through this program, she landed a job programming computers for Microsoft in Forest Park, Ga. 

“Working at Microsoft gave me the motivation that I could work in the same office as Bill Gates, the same headquarters, if I keep applying myself.” 

She wanted more, so she went after a degree in International Business at the University of Southern California.

Life isn’t always linear. L.A. was too much. With the high cost of living and expensive tuition, Andriea could not keep up. She decided to leave for  Louisville, Ky., with more family support, trading USC for the University of Louisville. But as she settled in closer to family, her family started to distance themselves. She decided to move back to Atlanta to reassess and figure out her next move, only to find herself giving care here for her father, who was in his last days with pancreatic cancer. 

The business degree went on hold. 

While she deferred her dream, she decided to embark on another risky mission - moving into expensive housing. She took an apartment -- her first lease -- and an apparently-secure job working for the Transportation Safety Administration. What could be more secure than being employed by the federal government?

The government shutdown of 2018 answered that question. Andriea was shocked. “Oh my god! This is what happens when the government shuts down? There were companies like Starbucks that looked after us. They would give us free coffee. But, that coffee wasn’t paying my bills. If we were on the schedule, we still had to go to work. Even though we weren’t getting paid.”

Andriea held on to her apartment by her fingernails until Congress sorted itself out. When her lease ran out, Andreia looked for a place with less financial risk … and found PadSplit. 

Affordable dues and weekly payments meant more financial flexibility if something else went wrong. The access to public transportation was also a plus, because she would be able to reduce her transportation costs. 

“That apartment taught me a lesson,” she said. “It taught me how to maneuver and how to budget because I was forced to. Now it’s a habit. I learned from that experience.”

When life gives you obstacles, sometimes it is best to stop and reassess. With the help of PadSplit, Andriea  now has the wherewithal to rebuild and achieve the goals that she set out for herself.  

PadSplit, Inc is a public benefit corporation (a “B” corp) based in Atlanta, GA. 

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