Building a Future

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When Briana moved to the United States from Finland almost a decade ago, she was looking for the American dream. Last year, she needed a place for her and her son to live when she saw an advertisement for PadSplit while riding MARTA. With only $42 in her bank account, she submitted the application and moved in a week later. 

Thanks to the low, all-inclusive weekly payments, Briana has been able to focus on her future. Her credit score has improved more than 100 points since moving into her PadSplit, and she’s looking forward to one day purchasing a home of her own for her and her son.


Briana’s journey to financial independence is one we hear a lot at PadSplit. Many Members see PadSplit as a way for them to gain control in other areas of their lives. With flexible, affordable, safe housing, they can focus on writing a new story — one room at a time.

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