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We spoke with Gregory over the phone after he’d just gotten off of work. Gregory is an 8-month PadSplit member, a self-proclaimed “boss” born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky. He’s an ambitious man who is realizing his dreams — something he tells us PadSplit has helped him do.


PadSplit: Where are you originally from? 

Gregory: I’m originally from Louisville, Kentucky, home of the Louisville Cardinals. I’ve been in Atlanta for four years now.


PadSplit: What was it like growing up in Louisville?


Gregory: Louisville is a very tight and close-knit city. A lot of people know everybody. You grow up with the same kids – from elementary school, to middle school, to high school. I enjoyed that because I'm a very sociable person. I enjoy meeting new people, just socializing, and building relationships with people. I felt very at home in Louisville because you can have so many different relationships that have stemmed over time. My mom was a hard worker. I stayed busy in the city. I was very active. Even though it's a smaller city than a lot of these larger cities that I visited and now I live in Atlanta, Louisville is still home. I still have my family there. I graduated high school from there and was born there, so I got to show my respects to Louisville.


PadSplit: So, what made you move to Atlanta?


Gregory:  I moved to Atlanta with one of my close friends and we kind of both made the decision to move. We were living in Louisville and I felt as though I had reached my cap. I was 19, 20 years old at that point. I was making a certain amount of money at such a young age. It was a straight line to basically work 20 years, retire, get a pension, and have a set schedule up until then. Moving to Atlanta was like a step out on faith because I was just very curious about Atlanta. I had visited several times and was so inspired about everything that I saw going on and how different of a culture it was that I thought I needed to be here.


PadSplit:  What was it like when you moved here?


Gregory:  I tried to have like a safety net and build my way and have a plan. But when you step up, when you step out on faith, you don't really know what's to come. I definitely would say that over the course of these last four years, I have found my path. I have walked through it and I’m at the best place in my life right now. I can say PadSplit has helped.


PadSplit:  How did you find out about PadSplit?


Gregory: I found out about PadSplit from social media. I kept seeing ads and things like that. I’d also met people who were aware of PadSplit, lived in a PadSplit, or knew the CEO. They talked very highly of it.


PadSplit:  How was your move-in experience?


Gregory:  My first move in week was pretty chill. Everyone that was originally there has transitioned on. However, I can reflect back and say that it was a very peaceful process, very easy. I got approved in two days and I chose my spot. I’m still there which means a lot to me. When you sign up, you're getting a room and a house and an address and a little area of town that may be unfamiliar to you. That, in itself, is a step out on faith. I'm just thankful for God, because I've been so comfortable, and I've been able to remain there throughout this time.


PadSplit: Why did you choose PadSplit over other options in Atlanta?


Gregory: I chose PadSplit because it was the best thing for me financially at the time. I was just getting back on my feet after dealing with some struggles. I think a lot of people experience some adversity when they move and enter new chapters in life. I came over my hump and entered 2020 in a new light, with a new vision and purpose, so I chose to move into PadSplit.


I needed to minimize my spending and save money and it was the best route. I didn’t want to get a roommate because I had dealt with that. I also wanted to be able to just get in somewhere and get comfortable without being in a contract. With traditional renting, you sign leases and you’re on a contract for a six-month period or a twelve-month period. With PadSplit, I’ve been going weekly for almost eight months now. It’s really helped me. It’s been one of the best decisions I could have made.


PadSplit: That’s awesome. Where are you at in your life now?


Gregory: It’s funny because I didn’t realize it until right before this interview but I got my current job because of PadSplit.


PadSplit:  Really? Tell me about that.


Gregory: PadSplit has been working with a company called Relay Payments. They have a partnership that allows PadSplit members to get first dibs on job opportunities with Relay Payments. It’s a startup company. PadSplit sent an email about a job opening and I applied. I got an interview and job offer. I’ve been working for them for over a month now.


PadSplit: Congratulations! What are some of your other, long-term goals?


Gregory: I'm a boss, so I have a lot of goals that I've been able to accomplish since being in a PadSplit. I just purchased my home in Louisville, Kentucky. Having housing in Atlanta, I'm able to travel back and forth and to maintain a place here in Atlanta, as well as in my hometown of Louisville. That's one of my first major accomplishments – saving my money by not spending excessive money on rent. I was able to accumulate the money I needed for my down payment.

I plan to stay in my PadSplit because I still want to live between Atlanta and Kentucky. PadSplit provides me a safe home that's comfortable and never changes if I'm gone for a week or two days, nothing changes. I come home and I go in my room, that's been secured and locked and I'm perfectly fine.

My next goals is to grow my business by acquiring more contracts and increasing visibility in the city. I have a concierge called Felix, LLC. One of the main services we provide is commercial and residential cleaning. I honestly am trying to acquire a contract with PadSplit. I have been developing how we can roll it out and integrate it into the PadSplit lifestyle.

So, that’s one of my goals. Another is to continue saving money so I can invest it back into my property. Ultimately, I’m working on a 30-unit community. I’m thinking it will be a townhome community. I plan to break ground on it within the next year and a half.


PadSplit: This is amazing! And inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.


Gregory’s story is one we hear a lot at PadSplit. Many members see PadSplit as a way for them to gain control in other areas of their lives. With flexible, affordable, safe housing, they can focus on building their bank accounts — and pursuing their dreams.  

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