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PadSplit’s mission is to solve the affordable housing crisis one room at a time. We use housing as a vehicle to create holistic affordability and financial independence for the millions of Americans most in need. This is a series on the people we serve.


Julie grew up country.

“In the country, you’re free to roam.”

In Ludowici, Ga., everyone looked out for each other, and everyone did their part, she said. Hard work replaced instant gratification. Julie moved to Hinesville when she got married. She moved on her husband's family farm, where she didn't have to lock her doors, and everyone knew each other. The community took care of its own. 

And then she left. The end of a marriage came with a change of pace. 

She moved to Atlanta, which came with a cultural adjustment, she said. Atlanta is aggressive, even edgy, in ways that can shock a country girl. When she first came to Atlanta, the lack of affordable housing in safe neighborhoods took her by surprise. She managed to land in a sketchy part of town in her first place. 

It scared her. 

“I just had a bad experience because it was a crime-ridden and drug-infested neighborhood.”

The absentee landlord of the rooming house she lived in did little to manage her extremely disruptive, unclean housemates. No one was vetted. "I couldn't get any sleep,” she said. “It was twenty four-seven. The cursing, the banging, the yelling. It got so bad that I would get a hotel for the weekend to get some sleep."


She had to find something better. 

Julie found PadSplit through a MARTA ad. She loved having choices of location in the Atlanta area. Choices made her feel that she could live where she wanted in the city. Most important: she appreciated the screening process. PadSplit’s rigor in ensuring her of vetted housemates calmed her. 

That’s what helped her recover the sense of community she felt in the country with her new housemates. A clean environment, respectful people around her and PadSplit's guidelines gave Julie comfort that her housemates would be equally responsible for keeping a healthy living environment. Her home is comfortable and near public transportation, where she’s no more than twenty minutes from Atlanta’s hustle and bustle.  

There are no substitutes for feeling secure at home. We at PadSplit offer affordable housing where you can have peace of mind. We want you to feel comfortable so that you can reach your dreams and live the life that you've always wished for yourself, one room at a time. 

Visit us at padsplit.com to learn more about how we are making housing more affordable, safe, and convenient.

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