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At PadSplit, we use housing as a vehicle to create holistic affordability and financial independence for the millions of Americans most in need. This is a series on the people that we are serving.

Originally from the small town of Hampshire, Illinois, Kathleen relocated to metropolitan Atlanta on a mission — one of spirituality. Kathleen wanted to further her education in religious ministry and traveled south with her local church congregation. After a series of disagreements within the group, Kathleen felt alienated; and she felt compelled to separate herself from the rest of the congregation.

But the separation wasn’t easy. She was alone, in a new city, without a car, and in fear of what the future might hold for her.

“I like to help other people. I like to help people in ministry, but it’s hard to help others when you can’t help yourself.”

She ended up moving 16 times over the course of a single year. Americans like Kathleen with limited income lack appropriate housing options that are limited to extended stay motels to rooming-houses, to living in their cars or on the streets.

She then began to share a rental home with someone new, but the relationship very quickly became toxic, and Kathleen needed to get out quickly. With her belongings in tow, she decided the safest course for her was to live in her car.

“Rent is very high here. People can’t pay their rent. So, people that don’t have a lot of money need other people live with them and it’s not a good idea.”, Kathleen said.

Fortunately, after a few nights in her car, she was scrolling through Facebook, when she happened upon an advertisement for PadSplit and decided to research further. She found an article on the founder, Atticus LeBlanc, learned about their mission, & decided to reach out to the company.

After all her strife and turmoil, Kathleen had finally found a real home in Decatur, GA. It’s a beautiful, comfortable property that she shares with five other working professionals who have all been vetted by PadSplit. Now that she’s been able to find a stable environment, she’s back to helping others, counseling through her ministry practice while pursuing her degree.

She’s another example of how PadSplit hopes to change the world, one room at a time.

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